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    A Roadmap and Support Matrix for Upland FileBound

    Posted by Lee Murray on April 09, 2018

    FileBound has an active release schedule with a major release every 12 – 18 months and minor releases roughly every quarter. 

    While FileBound is slow to officially retire prior builds, DTI as a general best practice is recommending customers stay within two major versions of the current release. For customers falling outside this threshold, our Technical Services team will be reaching out in Q2 and Q3 of 2018 to discuss upgrade options.

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    Five Remedies to Alleviate Data Danger Risks

    Posted by DTI Admin on December 03, 2017

    In our last post, we talked about the challenges companies face dealing with IT sprawl.  In many cases, the primary culprit driving sprawl is the differing objectives of those that need a solution (the business users) and those responsible for supporting/managing the system (IT department).  Even in the case of cloud solutions where there is no internal or on premise system to support, there is still user training, security, and information governance to consider.

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    Critical to Improving Manufacturing Shop Floor Data Collections

    Posted by admin on November 10, 2017

    The difference mobility makes in the decision making process for manufacturing shop floor data collection is critical. A recent Aberdeen Group research study indicates that 78% of the respondents using mobility to manage shop floor data collection have the ability to detect changes in performance automatically. For the 22% not using mobility, they will continue to fall behind the competition and be less profitable, lacking the essential capabilities manufacturers need to make critical decisions in real-time.

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    Breaking Down Adoption Barriers for Accounts Payable Automation Technology

    Posted by admin on August 07, 2016

    Automating the AP process delivers indisputable value in the form of reduced transaction costs, increased control over payment timing, and traceability through the AP process. Many studies have validated the value various technology solutions can bring to the AP process, but it is important to examine your practices to balance the right mix of automation technology. These same studies have shown that best-in-class organizations using moderate to high levels of AP automation have seen their invoice processing costs shrink by 83%.

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    How Offsite Records Storage Can Improve Operations

    Posted by admin on July 21, 2016

    Offsite paper records storage can help you lower your operating costs, improve employee productivity, create more value from information assets, and protect your organization from the risks of litigation, audit, and disaster.

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    Tips for a Paper-Free Business: Capturing Document Data

    Posted by admin on July 08, 2016

    Came across across an excellent article out on The Paperless Project website titled "Tips for a Paper-Free Business: Capturing Document Data" and wanted to share. This particular article focuses on three distinct areas of capturing document data: Bar code recognition, optical character recognition (OCR), and database lookups. Click here to access the full article.

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    Implementing ECM: Keys to Success

    Posted by admin on June 05, 2016

    By Ryan White...

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