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    Posted by Ryan White on June 07, 2018
    Compliance Audits
    Say the phrase “We’re being audited” and watch people cringe. Why is that? The reason is that most companies have not taken the steps necessary to truly be prepared for the audit and auditors. The result is a lengthy, invasive, labor intensive process that interrupts the normal course of business. It could mean overtime hours, stressed staff , file requests from long term storage, and lost productivity.

    What if you could take the dread out of audits? What if an audit was quick and easy? What if you could know without question that you were prepared for the audit and that the auditors would be in and gone in short order? With the right systems in place - specifically, an Enterprise Content Services platform like Onbase by Hyland - this reality is closer than you think.

    Here are the top results you can expect when you are prepared for an audit:
    • Information is Organized – Equally as important as having all the required information, is having it organized. Organized information is easy to find, making the auditor's job easy and quick.
    • You know you have all required documents – When you are prepared, you not only have processes that make sure you collect the required information, but when a key document is missing, proactive notifications alert the responsible party to take action PRIOR to any audit.
    • Information is secured and separate – Proper systems ensure that private information is kept private!
    • You have a complete history available – from the time a document is created and through every step of its lifecycle, you have the full history of the document. All audit questions answered!
    • Well defined processes and systems to ensure compliance – Having the right policies is good, but having systems that force compliance is better! Keep audit times short by demonstrating that you know the processes are followed.

    Audits don’t have to be the painstaking, productivity-killing process with the looming threat of punishment for any error found. There is a better way and its not as hard as you think.


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