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    Posted by Lee Murray on April 09, 2018

    Filebound-RoadmapFileBound has an active release schedule with a major release every 12 – 18 months and minor releases roughly every quarter. 

    While FileBound is slow to officially retire prior builds, DTI as a general best practice is recommending customers stay within two major versions of the current release. For customers falling outside this threshold, our Technical Services team will be reaching out in Q2 and Q3 of 2018 to discuss upgrade options.

    Release Date Version
    2/6/2017 7.3.4
    4/24/2017 7.35
    6/30/2017 7.3.6
    9/12/2017 7.3.7
    11/20/2017 7.4.0
    3/12/2018 7.4.3
    5/21/2018 7.4.4
    8/6/2018 7.4.5

    Some General FileBound Release Notes On Interest:

    • With the 7.4 release, FileBound is following the lead set by Microsoft in early 2016 by dropping support for Internet Explorer v9 and v10. Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11, alongside the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome will continue to be supported.

    • As FileBound continues their drive to building a 100% web-based platform, they will sunset components of their solution that require thick-client installs. With the 7.4 release the web-based Central Administration introduced in 7.2 will now become our only supported version of Central Administration.

    Learn more about FileBound's New Releases

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